Always remember the Sunscreen in Australia

I sat there watching the beach. ‘Oh, it’s so beautiful. No wonder, it is one of the most photographed beaches in the World’, I thought. I was at Whiteheaven beach, in the month of May.


Whiteheaven beach is along the Whitsunday Island in Queensland of Australia. It is 7 km long and is popularly known for its white sand. The sand on the beach does not absorb heat from the Sun, making it very comfortable to walk barefoot on a very hot day.


The day cruise (from Airlie beach to Whiteheaven beach – which was amazing 🙂 ) had dropped us on the beach. It was noon and the day was hot – very hot. I had about 1.5 hours on the beach. After clicking some pictures (selfies mostly) and building a sand castle, I had a brilliant idea – I thought why not bask in the Sun! Everyone does, you know (- but they either apply a sunscreen or they bask under a shade). Of course, I didn’t do both :/ .


I started reading my book, slowly sliding on my back and resting my head on my backpack. (A book, lovely beach, cool breeze, on a holiday – pretty relaxing, huh!).

After about an hour, I was disturbed and woken up from my sleep. Irritated, I looked up and it was a lady whom I had never seen before (‘Really? Lady, please go disturb someone else’, I thought to myself).

She demanded “You really need to go to the shade”.

And then, without a moment, immediately said, “How can you not realize? Are you not feeling anything?”

‘Hang on Soldier!’ thinking to myself, I asked in my sleepy eyes, “What happened?”

She replied, “Your arms and your face look really very bad!”

After she announced, I realized my arms were burning (‘luckily, not on fire though’) and it had turned red (‘I mean literally red – I didn’t know that was even possible’). “Ah, it hurts!” I cried out loud. I had slept under the glaring hot rays of the Sun for good one hour. The rays were so harsh that it had burnt my arms and my face :/ (‘Come on man! Why do things happen only to me?’).

Repercussion of my unwanted adventure in the Sun? An hour long lecture from my mom. A good one whole month to recover, with a very bad burnt face. An entire Aloe Vera gel with two face massages.


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