Where is Clarence Street?

“Where is Clarence Street?” I was panicking, realizing that Clarence Street had disappeared.


After catching up with my ex colleagues, Vishal and Ramesh for drinks at 3 wise monkeys on George Street, I was supposed to meet my friends Saira and Sunil for another round of drinks at Grandmas on Clarence Street. Knowing me well, Ramesh had watsapped me the direction. Distance between 3 Wise Monkeys and Grandmas is 700m – 9 minutes walk.

Direction between 3 Wise Monkeys and Grandmas Bar

I work at Kent Street and I pass Clarence Street every single day. Three things I remembered – One, George Street is parallel to Clarence Street. Second, Clarence Street is parallel to Kent Street. And third, Clarence Street is in between George Street and Kent Street – “Ah, Easy” I thought.

After two glasses of wine and a glass of Mojito:

Vishal and Ramesh had dropped me at the intersection of Bathurst Street and George Street. Bathurst Street is a perpendicular street that connects George Street and Kent Street. I remember Ramesh giving me directions to Grandmas. “Go down the Bathurst Street and yada yada yada”, I had heard.

I went down the Bathurst Street in search for Clarence Street. Everything was working perfectly fine. Yeah, right! I reached the intersection of Kent Street and Bathurst Street. I stared at the board flashing Kent Street.

Board – Kent Street

Thinking I had missed the Clarence Street
, I walked up the road on Bathurst Street again. I was at the intersection of George Street and Bathurst Street.

Intersection of George Street and Bathurst Street

I repeated, walking up and down the Bathurst road for one more time, before I panicked. Clarence Street had disappeared, Oh my God!! Was I losing my mind 😱 or what was happening? How can a Street disappear?

After panicking for some time, I stood in front of a café to clear my mind and restated to myself “Focus, Raksha! Focus, what did Ramesh say?”.

Café that I stood in front of!

On listening to my confusion, my intelligent inner conscious fairy woke up (Why does she always have to be sleeping, I wondered :/ Like, Seriously!) and suggested that I look for directions on the Maps application.

End Result:

After 20 minutes, two times (okay, probably three times) walk on the same road, and the panick attacks of losing an entire Street, I had reached the end of Clarence Street, where I had finally met my friend Sunil 🙂 .

P.S. The photos posted here were taken at a later date.