Dramatic Juvenile!

It was whale season again! Every year, hump back whales migrate from Southern part of Australia to Northern part between April and August. This is known as Northern migration. And every year I do not miss a chance of going on a tour and watching them.

I have taken many whale watching tours from the past three years. I find Captain Cook Cruises to be the best of all. They ensure everyone on board have the best experience. And the booking process is quite easy as well.

My first whale watching tour this season was on 13 June 2015. And I think that was by far one of the best experiences I have had.

After about an hour or hour and a half piloting into the ocean, we had spotted a young juvenile (about 2 years old – well, that’s what our captain said) who put up quite a show. He had breached continuously for 1 hour to 1.5 hours (Can you believe that!)

Some pictures that I had captured of the drama:















One special incident that I will remember for long and which is very close to my heart:

All of us were standing at the left edge of the deck, watching the calf breach, and clicking pictures (Shutter sounds all around – Click, click and click).

Suddenly, the young whale had decided to go under the water. He had moved from the left side of our boat to beneath our boat. Next moment we had all rushed to the right edge of the deck, to see him come up, emerging out of the water from the right side. He was huge and beautiful and the boat had not come any closer to his size (Trust me 😀 ).

Oh my God! The sight was spectacular. I had never seen anything like that before. I must have been blessed and very lucky that day to have witnessed this magnificent and grand show.





Emerging on the right hand side of the boat

When we were returning back to the Wharf, Captain Cook Cruises had announced a challenge – “Whoever had clicked the good pictures of the whale breaching would receive a free ticket for a whale watching tour.”

And guess what? I received the ticket for the below picture:



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