I always associate Cherry blossom festival with pink flowers and Japan. When I heard that Sydney has a Japanese garden and there is a Cherry blossom festival that is celebrated every year for 2 weeks, I was thrilled with excitement.

What is Cherry Blossom festival?

Cherry blossom festival occurs every year in Sydney between mid of August to first week of September. The Japanese garden located in Auburn is at the peak of its beauty during this festival.

Cherry blossom is the most significant event in Japanese culture. It represents the beauty and the fragility of life. The flowers of the trees called Sakura are in full blossom and turn pink in colour.

Cherry Blossom festival, Sydney, Year 2015:

Our friends – Apram and Manpreet along with their little son Aekam were visiting Sydney from Bangalore, India. All of us including Rahul decided to head to Auburn Botanical Garden to witness the Cherry blossom festival.

After a bus ride, train ride and another bus ride, we reached the garden, just 20 minutes before the closing time. Oh-My-God! The first impression was amazing. The garden looked extra-ordinarily beautiful, decorated with pretty pink flowers. We were so mesmerized by the beauty of the garden that we lost track of time.

It was our turn to take pictures – a lot of pictures. Of course, my experiences are never complete without pictures 😀 .












Totally recommend this experience! It is really worth visiting Auburn Botanical Gardens during the Cherry blossom festival. I am sure to add this as one more item to my yearly routine activity list 🙂 .




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