Walk on the Sea bed – How cool is that? (Mauritius)

Loran Eisley said, “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water!” I can’t agree more after experiencing the beautiful busy ocean life in Mauritius. The colourful corals and the fishes are something to die for.

Some pictures from my under water sea walk in Mauritius:

Note: These pictures were clicked by my instructor.

U Rouge
U Pavion Jaune
U Moon Fish 1
U Flag Fish

9 thoughts on “Walk on the Sea bed – How cool is that? (Mauritius)”

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  2. Gone through your page.
    Splendid it is !!
    Looks like traveling is in your blood.
    Question is is anything on earth remains unseen by you ??
    Lol.jokes apart
    But must say, it was pleasure meeting you.
    Best wishes.

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