Spiritual Capital of ISKCON!

As part of my Calcutta trip back in the year 2006, I visited a place called Mayapur. It was definitely one of the spiritual trips I have ever done.

Where is Mayapur?

Mayapur is about 130 Kms from Calcutta in the state of West Bengal, India. It is the headquarters of the famous Lord Krishna temple ISKCON. It is located on the banks of the Ganges river.

A few pictures from my trip:

Kolkata-Apram's cam 065 (2)

Kolkata-Apram'1s cam 071

Kolkata-Apram's cam 065

Kolkata-Apram's cam 072

Kolkata-Apram's cam 073

Kolkata-Apram's cam 074

Kolkata-Apram's cam 063

Kolkata-Apram's cam 062

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