Camping in Cedarvale (Kangaroo Valley)

One fine day, I stumbled upon Cedarvale camping trip while skimming through the meet up events. This┬áevent was organised by ‘Sydney & Beyond Weekend Trips, Get-Aways & Adventures’ group.

Cedarvale is a hidden gem within the Kangaroo Valley. It is about 2 hours drive from Sydney CBD. And the health retreat provides a camp site with some of the spectacular views and abundant wildlife.

After shopping for my camping gear and arranging for a lift from Sydney to Cedarvale, I was all set for camping ­čÖé – my first solo camping. I was super excited.

Camping Trip:

The weather was perfect and the drive to Cedarvale was even better with the views of the valleys along the way.

We reached the camp site, after the 2 hours of drive and the loud Arabic music ­čśĽ (Yes, the guy Abadi who gave me the lift was very fond of Arabic music). Oh my God! The camp site was stupendous. It was surrounded by the lush beautiful mountains, which in turn were covered by clouds.



I picked up the best place for pitching my tent – making sure that my tent door opened to the best view of the mountains. My first experience of pitching a tent – all by myself (Yaay!).





Once we had settled and had done with our lunch, we decided to explore the walking trail. We followed the kangaroos and walked down to a creek – It was a steep path. We clicked some pictures and sat along the creek for some time.





On the way back to the camp site, we saw an echidna. I find echidnas extremely cute – when they feel┬ádanger, they just hide their face under their shell and start digging the mud beneath to create a burrow. Simple logic – I don’t see danger, the danger does not see me ­čść.


While the group went for another walk, I decided to have a nap in my very own comfortable tent. I slept like a baby – very sound sleep, trust me!┬áWhen I got up, there was a camp fire that was set up and the group was┬áchit chatting around the camp fire.

Soon after dinner, it was time for us to see the highlight of the trip – we headed again on a walking trail to see the “glow worms”. The glow worms were prodigious. For some people, the glow worms looked like stars and for me, they looked like diamonds studded on the bushes and trees – Oh my! – they were just out of this World.




The next day, I was woken up the sounds of the laughing Kookaburras. I slowly opened my tent’s window and I saw some kangaroos around with the heavenly┬áview of the mountains. ‘What else does a person need?’ I thought and smiled to myself.

After spending our morning there, it was time for us to head to the kayak center. Unfortunately, I could not kayak as I do not know how to swim (I believe it is mandatory that the person knows swimming for kayaking ­čś«). In the mean time, whilst everyone were kayaking, Sunny (- member from the group) and I headed┬áto the neighboring town and explored┬áthe cafe. And hey, I saw an echidna again ­čśŤ and some colorful butterflies.



Yet again, another memorable trip. Made it even more special because it was my first solo camping trip.




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