Wine & Dine

Life is good with food and wine 😛 . Trying different cuisines and tasting different wines are an integral part of traveling. I personally feel travel is never complete unless you have eaten the local food and drank the local wine.

My suggestions on the best food and wine I have tasted in my travel journeys.

Sache Torte
A slice of Sache Torte is my next favorite, after the Chiffon Marble cake, at Pishon Cafe in Chatswood, Sydney. It is
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Spicy minced chicken
Sailors Thai is a famous Thai restaurant in The Rocks, Sydney. I happened to visit this restaurant with a friend. Being
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Chocolate Fondue
Chocolate Fondue in Max Brenner is something that I can never get enough of. It is so amazingly delicious. Chocolate
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Chilli Basil Chicken
Chilli Basil Chicken is one of my favourite dishes in Thai cuisine. I try this dish almost every single time
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Chocolate marble chiffon cake
I am grateful about the day when I decided to try a slice of chocolate marble chiffon cake, at the Pishon
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Dark Baked Chocolate Cake
I think that the dark baked chocolate cake at Guylian Cafe, The Rocks, Sydney is one of the best creations
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Miang Kham (Thai beetle leaf)
Miang Kham is a traditional snack from Thailand. It is mixture of lemon grass, gangplank, lemon, ginger, red onion, mint, shredded
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