Look back on Year 2015

2015 was a good year for me. I did have ups and downs, but overall it was a memorable year. This post is a look back on all the happy and memorable events that happened to me in the Year 2015 :).

  • Traveled a lot – much more than the Year 2014; not many abroad trips though!
    • Many more solo travels (mostly were within Australia)
      • First solo abroad trip (New Caledonia)
      • First solo camping trip (Kangaroo Valley)
    • Ticked off some of my bucket list items:
      • View Milky Way 🙂 with naked eyes – Check
      • See shooting stars – Check (twice 😛 )
      • Scuba dive in Great Barrier Reef – Check
      • Dive in a tank with sharks and sting rays – Check
      • Picture with the Statue of Liberty and Niagara Falls – Check
      • See Nemo – Check (Yippeee!)
      • Climb Sydney Harbor bridge – Check (Valentine’s Day)
      • Feed carrots to giraffes – Check
      • Pat or touch a cheetah – Check
      • See the Heart Reef – Check
    • First experience of:
      • Traveling in a seaplane (at Whitsundays)
      • Meditating (at Nan Tien Temple)
      • Seeing Whale breaching
  • Friends & Family –
    • Became closer to my family and friends
    • Made lots of new friends and some very close ones
  • Learned a lot professionally
  • Special and close one – Started writing my travel stories and created Solopassport 🙂
  • Got a picture with a rainbow
  • An adrenaline rush of being attacked by an elephant
  • Did little bit of savings (little bit – I know still long way to go – but hey at least I started)
  • Started exploring my camera – Took lots and lots of pictures
  • Donated my share to the needy
  • Learned Belly dancing 😛
  • Partied a lot

I am sure 2016 will be a more memorable one and it will be my year. I do have lots of resolutions for this year – some of them so big that it scares me, but I do have the intentions to fulfill them.

So, welcoming the New Year with open arms and wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2016.

And thanks a lot for reading my blogs and encouraging me to write more.


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