Wine – Oh, I love you so much!

As part of my annual travels, I always plan a trip to Hunter Valley. Hunter Valley or the Hunter region is one of the major wine-growing regions in New South Wales state of Australia.


I have always taken a bus tour to Hunter Valley with the operator ‘Here to There Coaches’. It is a one day tour, where the guide cum driver drives us around to four or five wineries, for wine tasting.

Below are the wineries I visited during the tour. All the wineries are situated at the foot of Mount View

1. Briar Ridge Vineyard and Winery – I really loved the Gewürztraminer wine. It is a desert wine and it is delicious 😅.


2. Savannah Estate – The Sparkling Moscato is one of the famous wines in Savannah. I drooled over it.

The wine glass in which Port wine was served was very interesting – It was in a shape of a cat (pretty cool, huh!).


3. Lucy’s Run – The winery is named after their dog Lucy.


4. Oscars

5. McGuigan’s Wines






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  1. Miriam says:

    Cheers, from one wine lover to another!

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