Indian girl’s quest for solo travel

Who am I?

As the title suggests, I am an Indian girl who loves to travel solo. I am that perfect soul, which craves and breathes travel. My mantra is what Derek Walcott said ‘I read, I travel and I become’.

I love writing about my travel stories on my blog – Solopassport.

Why do I travel solo? 

Solo travel to me is like meditating. It provides me the control to calm my mind & bring stillness in my life, with an opportunity to do the most passionate hobby that I have – “travel”.

I do have a lot more other reasons, which I have posted on one of my posts – Why Solo travel?

So, what is my story?

Drama and I get along very well. All my travels have to be a tad bit dramatic. One such dramatic incident was during my first solo abroad trip to Dublin, Ireland. The lesson I learnt during this travel was that in Ireland, the bathrooms do not have water outlets on the floor and that they are carpeted for a reason. How did I get this knowledge? Well, by flooding my beautiful duplex service apartment on the first day of arrival.

Each of these dramas are ingrained in my heart as fond memories and experiences. These experiences make my life richer and better. And as they say “Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away”.

Keep travelling and stay happy 🙂





5 thoughts on “Indian girl’s quest for solo travel”

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