Happiness… is defined by little things in life!

Happiness… is defined by little things in life!

After reading a blog from my friend about the little things that matter in our lives, I decided to list down all the little things that I am happy about.

  • Happiness is when your mom calls you every day to make sure you are alright.
  • Happiness is when your cousin is getting engaged and there is happiness in your family.
  • Happiness is when you have more than one best friend.
  • Happiness is when one of your best friends reminds you about how you inspire other Indian girls, through your travel pictures and blogs.
  • Happiness is when your other best friend drinks and parties with you just to make you feel better.
  • Happiness is when your third best friend says he is proud of you for everything you have done or achieved in your life.
  • Happiness is when someone holds your hands and say all I want is you.
  • Happiness is when you look into your love’s eyes and all you see is the love for you.
  • Happiness is when your friends on Facebook message you constantly to check if you are okay, when you don’t post anything on Facebook for few days.
  • Happiness is when the lady at the shop smiles enthusiastically and asks you how you are doing.
  • Happiness is the nonsense talks that you have with your best friends.
  • Happiness is when someone talks and praises your blog.
  • Happiness is the cute puppy you see in the morning whilst coming to work.
  • Happiness is when the cockatoo makes noise sitting at the ridge of your balcony.
  • Happiness is when your colleagues ensure you are doing fine by constantly asking you if you need help.
  • Happiness is when your team members say that they are glad that you were assigned to the project.
  • Happiness is when your manager states that you are doing a commendable job in such a short span of time.
  • Happiness is when your fellow passengers try to help you when you are struggling with too many bags in your hand.
  • Happiness is having a chocolate after a stressful day.
  • Happiness is smiling and remembering the good old days.
  • Happiness is strangers in different corners of the World messaging you to get some information on the places you have travelled to.
  • Happiness is proudly saying you have travelled to 19 countries.
  • Happiness is realizing you need to renew your passport as you have run out of pages because of the stamps on it.
  • Happiness is when your colleague sends you a list of places he has visited so you can add them to your bucket list.
  • Happiness is when you and your crazy friend laugh till 1 AM looking at the posts posted by one of the guys.
  • Happiness is when you fit in a size 8 dress.
  • Happiness is when you hold your tennis racket.
  • Happiness is realising that you have many more things to add to this list.

Even though I am at a low phase in my life currently, this is my reminder that I have to cherish what I have and I do have many many reasons to be happy about.


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