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  1. Rohini Nair says:

    Hello Raksha,
    Hope you are doing great!

    I happened to come across your comments on globetrotting girls group on Facebook.

    You had mentioned about your travel to New Zealand (5 times) so thought of clearing my doubts.

    I and my husband has planned to travel to New Zealand by the end of this month for 12 days.
    As I am traveling for the first time abroad will my visa application be rejected as I don’t have any travel history.

    Also, I only have a passport copy that mentions my husband’s name and don’t have marriage certificate. Is this ok and valid?

    Awaiting your positive response.

    Rohini Nair.

    1. Raksha Nagaraj says:

      Hi Rohini, Yes I have traveled to New Zealand many many times. But unfortunately, I have not traveled from India so I don’t know the VFS process. But as far as I know, if you have concrete itinerary including your flight return tickets, funds in your bank to support your stay for 12 days, then it should be good. But their immigration department must be able to mention exact documents required.

      Re the passport, only your passport is required to travel not the marriage certificate.

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