Where am I staying in Japan?

I am a big fan of hostels. I love staying at hostels because:

  1. It is the best place to meet fellow travellers and make new friends.
  2. It is safe, safety is always a priority when you are a solo female traveler.
  3. Hostels have vibrant positive vibes.

Hence, I am staying at hostels even in Japan.

According to my planned itinerary, my first stop is at Osaka.

  • Hostel Name: Hostel Rakutsuki
  • Website to book: Booking.com
  • Rating: 9.4/10 (as per booking.com)
  • Address: 542-0073, Osaka, Chuo Ward, Chuo-ku Nipponbashi 2-4-10
  • Type: Bunk bed in Female dorm
  • Cost: ¥9,100 (approx. 85 USD) for 3 nights

My second stop is at Hiroshima.

  • Hostel Name: Tsuruya Guesthouse
  • Website to book: Booking.com or Guesthouse Tsuruya
  • Rating: 8.7/10 (as per booking.com)
  • Address: 730-0802, Hiroshima, Naka-ku Honkawa-cho 2-1-7
  • Type: Bunk bed in Female dorm
  • Cost: ¥6,000 (approx. 55 USD) for 2 nights

My third and the last stop is at Tokyo.

  • Hostel Name: Ace Inn Shinjuku
  • Website to book: Booking.com or Ace Inn Shinjuku
  • Rating: 7.5/10 (as per booking.com)
  • Address: 166-0001, Tokyo, Shinjuku Ward, Shinjuku-ku, Katamachi 5-3
  • Type: Bunk bed in Female dorm
  • Cost: ¥13,296 (approx. 120 USD) for 3 nights


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