Prayer is the spirit speaking truth to truth!

I love prayer flags, have always loved them since I saw them first in the year 2009 in Nepal. During those times, I never collected any souvenirs, hence I do not have the prayer flags. I will definitely buy one of those during my travel to Ladakh, India.

Few days ago, a photograph popped up on my Instagram wall, it was from one of the other fellow travelers. He was in Japan and the photograph was of the prayer flags (or the wooden blocks). Immediately, I decided to get one of these home.

9 April 2017

Today, I visited a shrine in Tokyo – Hie-Jinjya Shrine. There I saw these beautiful prayer blocks. I was mesmerised by them. It had messages written by all the people irrespective of the religion or the nationality. People had written their wishes and had hung those blocks on a massive wooden plank. These wooden prayer blocks symbolise hope, hope that God is listening and a hope that someday these wishes would come true.

Like a child seeing the candy in a candy store, I went running to the souvenir shop and bought one of those prayer blocks. I wrote a message to the God on the back of the block. I then carefully hung the block on the massive plank. I was super excited. I am not a very spiritual person, but I do believe that sometimes writing what you want with a hope, helps and motivates your inner subconscious to get and achieve it.

I am not sure if my wish will come true but this whole process gave a positive vibe for the day. It was meditation according to me, as the whole act brought me peace and happiness.

So, what’s that one thing that gets you peace and stillness into your life?


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