Almost an encounter!

The waterfall was extremely pretty. It was called “Harishina gundi” which means “The yellow waterfall” in Kannada. This was the waterfall we had found while hiking in the Kodachadri national park.

The waterfall was flowing into a lake/pond. It was very picturesque and the water was very inviting and intriguing.

All my friends wanted to swim. Since I was one of the few who knew Kannada, I asked the guide “Is there anything inside that could be dangerous?” He confidently said “No! Nothing at all!” What else did we want! Like little children, all of us got excited and got into the water one by one.

Since my friend Akshata and I are not confident swimmers, we decided to only dip our legs inside the water. We both found two nice small rocks facing each other. These rocks were next to another big rock which was in the form of a cave.

Rest of my friends including Rahul had swum to the waterfall and were enjoying a nice bath and splash under the waterfall.

After about 10 to 15 minutes Rahul observed that there were few tiny heads popping out of the water and he realized they were the water snakes. Instead of panicking and giving out much information, he instructed all the others to swim out of the water.

All of us followed him religiously and were completely out of the water.

Rahul asked me to inquire the guide again if there were any animals/reptiles in the water.

I religiously inquired. The guide looked at me with a frustrated look for being asked the same question again. After a short pause, he replied “No madam! Nothing as I said.” I was relived with that answer. Immediately the guide added “Sometimes we have seen crocodiles here. But don’t worry, crocodiles do not eat humans!”

On listening to his statement, we went numb and quiet for some time. It was almost an encounter. We had swum in a crocodile infested water body and we had been lucky to have had no encounter of the big dangerous beast. Crocodile or not – not sure! But we did thank our stars that day.




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