Peru – My planned travel itinerary!

Peru means Inca trail for me. I had to do the Inca trail and see one of the wonders of the World – Machu Picchu. When my friend Akshata suggested me the travel to South America, the first and the only thing that came to my mind was the Inca trail.

Peru is a country in the western South America continent. It is a home to a section of Amazon rainforest and as said earlier home to the ancient Incan city – Machu Picchu.

The purpose of this post is to detail out my planned itinerary in Peru and also to provide a complete breakdown of my expenses.


I am traveling to Peru from Bolivia.

Flight 1: La Paz to Cusco

  • Provider: LATAM Airlines
  • Route: La Paz to Lima and connecting flight from Lima to Cusco
  • Cost: AUD 235.10 (approx. USD 178.81) per person

Flight 2: Cusco to Lima

  • Provider: LC BUSRE S.A.C.
  • Cost: AUD 131.26 (approx. USD 99.83) per person

Flight 3: Lima to Los Angeles

  • Provider: AVIANCA
  • Route: Lima to San Salvador and connecting flight from San Salvador to Los Angeles
  • Cost: AUD 1571.18 (approx. USD 1194.99) per person

Tip: While researching for flights, I realised that the cheapest flights between Sydney and South America is through North America.


Visa for Indian citizens having Australian permanent residency is On Arrival.


  • Killaqente, Jr.Atahuallpa 454 Urb Tahuantinsuyo, Cusco City Center, Cusco, Peru 51 – AUD 42 (approx. USD 32.09) per night
  • Sunset House Hostel, Tandapata 353B, San Blas, Cusco, Peru – AUD 51.24 (approx. USD 39.15) per night
  • Hostal Iquique, 758 Jr. Iquique Brea, Lima, Peru – AUD 43.42 (approx. USD 33.17) per night


Note: All these tours except the Inca Trail are booked with Viator. It is easy and convenient to book the tours.

Day 1 & 2:

  • Activity planned: Cusco City Tour.
  • I will be exploring the city on my own without any tour.

Day 3 to 6: 

  • Activity planned: Inca Trail 4D/3N.
  • Local tour contact: Inca Trail Reservations.
  • Cost of the tour: AUD 1007.98 (approx. USD 770) per person.
  • The tour is a return tour from Cusco.
  • Tip: Ensure you get your permit first before booking anything else, as the permits get sold out pretty quickly.

Day 7:

  • Activity planned: Rainbow Mountain Day Trip from Cusco.
  • Local tour contact: Rainbow Mountain Cusco.
  • Cost of the tour: AUD 63.84 (approx. USD 48.77) per person.
  • The tour is a return tour from Cusco.


Note: The vaccinations, taxis, local transportation and food are not included in the above expenses. I will detail them out after my travel in Chile.