I get asked this question a lot – “What are your favourite and top few things to do in Australia?”. ┬áThe question is asked by some of the fellow travelers to plan their travels or by others just out of curiosity. Whatever the reason be, the question is same and everyone wants to know. Honestly, I feel Australia is much more than the Great Barrier Reef. It has so many things to offer and hence I have compiled a list of things I have done so far in Australia and have thoroughly enjoyed them.

Number 1:

Top on my list and my most favourite is viewing the Heart Reef from a sea plane.

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  • Approximate cost: AUD 219 (approx. USD 175) (only for the sea plane)
  • Tour operator: GSL Aviation


Number 2:

Hiking the highest mountain in Australia – Mount Kosciuszko.


Number 3:

I think the coolest thing I have done so far is cage diving with Great White Sharks.

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  • Approximate cost: AUD 495 (approx. USD 371) (only for the cage dive)
  • Tour operator:┬áCalypso Star Charters


Number 4:

One more feather in my cap is the Cage of Death – cage diving with a salt water crocodile.

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  • Approximate cost: AUD 165 (approx. USD 132) (only for the cage dive)
  • Tour operator:┬áCrocosaurus Cove


Number 5:

And the obvious one – scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef.


Number 6:

This one is something that I achieved recently – it is hiking the Six Foot Track.


Number 7:

One more absolutely stunning thing to do in Australia is watching or camping under the Milky Way.


Number 8:

For an adventurous soul, abseiling is the answer.

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  • Approximate cost: AUD 160 (approx. USD 128) (excluding transportation)
  • Tour operator:┬áEagle Rock Adventures


Number 9:

Knowing and discovering the aboriginal culture at Uluru must definitely be on the list.


Number 10:

Diving from a plane at 14,000 feet is pretty awesome – so last on my list is Sky diving. And sky diving on Great Ocean Road is icing on the cake.

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  • Approximate cost: AUD 329 (approx. USD 263)
  • Tour operator: Skydive Great Ocean Road

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There are plenty of other cool stuff that one can do in Australia. My list can go on for many more things, but since this post is supposed to have the top 10 of my favourite things to do, I will stop here ­čÖé .



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