And they are back!

Yes, they are back! Yet again! My most favourite part of winter – the Humpback Whales <3. Starting from mid-May till mid-October is the official whale season. And I couldn’t have resisted staying home or delaying my trip to watch my favourite mammals. This is the first trip with the many more to come this year.


I took the tour with Harbour Cat Sydney this time. The cost of the tour was around AUD 39 (discounted price) which was for 3 hours, in an open small party boat. The tour also included the afternoon tea. Our guide/instructor Colin was amazing. We headed towards the ocean straight after boarding. We saw a beautiful magnificent humpback. Colin mentioned the whale was a she and she was pregnant.


Yes, this time around the pregnant whales travel up north towards the Great Barrier Reef to give babies in the warmer regions. Once given birth, they travel down the south with their calves. I personally love watching the calves. They are curious and they breach more often than the mothers.

Anyway the pregnant whale we saw during our tour, did breach. But she breached only once and unfortunately my camera was not fast enough to capture the breach. Then Colin headed further more into the ocean where we saw two more whales. They surfaced, blew some air, and went back down. It was spectacular. I love them.


We followed them for nearly an hour. And after realizing that none of the whales were in their playful mood, we decided to head back. In a nutshell, it was a fruitful day with the three whales showing up.


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