Longest lunar eclipse of 21st century!

It was the lunar eclipse and I couldn’t have missed it for any reason. On 27 July 2018, the Sydney temperature was 6 degrees Celsius at 3:30 AM. It was freezing cold! Being brave, I stepped out at 4 AM and took a taxi to Bondi beach. earlier that day my friend Vijay and I had researched the best possible places to view the lunar eclipse, but the research had not helped us in any way. So I had taken the decision of heading to Bondi beach.

The last two times when I had headed out in Sydney to view any lunar related activities like the lunar eclipse itself and the supermoon, Sydney had always been disappointing by being extremely cloudy. But this time, all of our prayers had come true – there were just the passing clouds.

The eclipse lasted for approximately 103 minutes and was the longest eclipse in the century. The eclipse started at 4:24 AM and lasted till 6:21 AM. But at around 5:40 AM, the moon had hidden behind the building. So, I captured the eclipse for around 1 hour between 4:40 AM till 5:40 AM. And this was like a dream come true.


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