Road Trip | Fitzroy Falls, Huskisson & Nowra

A weekend before my adventurous travel to Nepal, my friends, Saira, Vijay and Som and I decided to take our first long drive in Ruhi to Huskisson. The places we covered at the end of the road trip were Fitzroy Falls, Huskisson, Point Perpendicular lighthouse and Nowra and we had driven approximately 500 kilometers.

Fitzroy Falls

Our first stop was to Fitzroy Falls. Fitzroy Falls is approximately 2 hours (140 kilometers) drive from Sydney. It is the waterfall that drops for about 80 meters in the Morton National Park.

What to do in Fitzroy Falls?

There are plenty of small walks and lookouts that one can take from the visitor center. And note that the Fitzroy Falls visitor center is an award wining visitor center.



This was our second and main stop of our road trip. Huskisson, is a coastal town, on the shores of Jervis Bay. It is approximately 2 hours 40 minutes (193 kilometers) drive from Sydney and approximately 1 hour (66 kilometers) drive from Fitzroy Falls.

Where to stay in Huskisson?

We stayed at Huskisson Beach motel, which is close to the city center and the restaurants.

What to do in Huskisson?

A must visit is to the beautiful white sand beach Hyams Beach. It is very picturesque.


Point Perpendicular lighthouse

This was the third stop that we took, while returning from Huskisson. Point Perpendicular lighthouse is on the Beecroft Peninsula and was first lit in 1899. The lighthouse is approximately 2 hours 45 minutes (201 kilometers) drive from Sydney and approximately 45 minutes (50 kilometers) drive from Huskisson. It is one of the major coastal lights in the navigational aid.



This was our last and final stop before heading to Sydney. Nowra is a small country town. The town is approximately 2 hours (160 kilometers) drive from Sydney and approximately 40 minutes (41 kilometers) drive from Point Perpendicular lighthouse.
The streets of Nowra have some beautiful buildings and graffiti. It is a quiet town over the weekend.

What to do in Nowra?

One thing to try for sure when in Nowra is a restaurant called ‘Adithya Kerala Restaurant’. It’s a very small place but the food is delicious. Note it is pricey though. Sujith, the owner of the restaurant, is friendly and accommodating.


2 thoughts on “Road Trip | Fitzroy Falls, Huskisson & Nowra”

  1. Beautiful place and fun road trip.
    I agree on Kerala restaurant. Good food and people are taken care very well.

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