Swimming with Seals (Narooma, Australia)

I find seals extremely cute. They are the puppies of the ocean. They are inquisitive and extremely playful under water. And my most favorite activity to do is to swim with these puppies. In Australia, there are plenty of places where we can swim with the seals. In NSW, it is in the Montague Island.

How to reach Montague Island?

The snorkeling tour picks us up from Narooma and takes us to Montague Island. The boat would be parked near the rocks where the seals are. And we can then go snorkel around the boat.

Booking details

  • Tour operator: Lighthouse Charters Narooma & Montague Island Discovery Tours.
  • Website: http://www.lighthousechartersnarooma.com
  • Cost: AUD 99 per person. Note: Wet suits and snorkeling gears are included in the cost.
  • Pick up point: Number 1, Town Wharf, Bluewater Drive, Narooma, NSW 2546.
  • Contact details:
    • Email address: lighthousechartersnarooma@bigpond.com.
    • Phone number: 0412 312 478.

My most memorable moment

All the snorkelers in my tour were trying so hard to get a glimpse of these seals under water. They were swimming around everywhere where the seals were resting near the rocks hoping that the seals would come down into the water.

What was I doing? Well, I was struggling to swim. I am not a strong swimmer. In fact I barely know how to swim. Because of which I was fighting with the waves which were pushing me around.


While this was happening, I saw, through my snorkel mask, a seal come close to me, under the water on the sea bed and look up at me. The seal looked super cute. It did not want to go to anyone but me. I was so excited that I started jumping (even in the water). I did not realise that I had a camera with me and I had to take a decent picture of it. The only picture I have from that moment is the below one:



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