The first topic of the 30 days blog challenge is to introduce myself. It is a bit odd to write an introduction about myself after I have written about 300 posts on my blog 😀 . But in the spirit of the challenge, I am writing my introduction below.

My name is Raksha and I am Indian girl living in Sydney.

My profession

I have a full-time job where I work as an IT Business Analyst. My job mostly revolves around talking to clients in understanding what is required to automate their business processes. I am passionate about my job and I love what I have been doing during my experience as a Business Analyst. Even though I start off as a Business Analyst, most times I end up project managing my project.


My passion

As most of you are aware, I am very passionate about traveling. I am a self-acclaimed adventurous person even though I probably feel I am not as adventurous as some of the people I have known. I love doing anything that gives me the adrenaline rush. Okay, not probably jumping off from a cliff or bunjee jumping (even though I have attempted both). There are many things I love doing – such as backpacking across countries, hiking and scuba diving.

Wearing my bragging cap on, these are some of the amazing things I have done so far, and I have been proud of them:

  • Sleeping under the Milky Way
  • Bunjee jumping
  • Sky diving (2 times)
  • Scuba diving – I am now a certified open water scuba diver
  • Spotted two leopards and a sloth bear in the wild
  • Spotted humpback and sperm whales
  • Hiked Everest Base Camp and Inca trail to Machu Picchu
  • Seen Jupiter and its four moons
  • Photographed a nebula
  • Seen shooting stars
  • Swam with seals and dolphins
  • White water rafting
  • Watched Australian Open female finals live

My personality

I am an over thinker and I fit as a perfect example for “I even overthink my overthinking” bucket. I am sensitive because of which I hardly have too many friends. And I do not take any non-sense from anyone. I am a feminist and I am proud of being called that.

I think I should stop myself here and thank you for reading my first post that is part of the 30 days blog challenge.



Heya! Would love to hear your thoughts, leave them below!

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