The second topic of the 30 days blog challenge is to write 20 random facts about myself. If you have been reading my blogs then below are some of them which you already know 😅.

1. I love cats and dogs.
2. I have a sweet tooth – my weakness are chocolates and cakes.
3. I love chicken biryani.
4. I have broken many suitcases during my travels.
5. I love to draw and paint.
6. I do not like sushis.
7. I had a very tough last two years, which has changed my personality very drastically.
8. I work as a contractor.
9. I own a Mini Cooper.
10. I am in love with blankets.
11. I cannot start my day without a cup of coffee.
12. I am extremely grumpy in the morning.
13. I used to love Mathematics at school, but I struggle with numbers a bit now.
14. I want to quit my full-time job and want to go volunteer at an animal shelter.
15. I have a huge collection of shoes, even though I wear only one or two pairs all the time.
16. I keep many stuffed toys and I still cuddle them.
17. I love bright colours.
18. I am a very visual person.
19. I do not like most South Indian food like Idlies and dosas.
20. I fear ghosts.

Thanks for reading 😊 and have a good day.



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