Background of Solopassport

The third topic of 30 days blog challenge is to give a background about my blog.

Solopassport was created with a simple idea to share my travel stories and pictures. I was travelling a lot those days and I wanted to tell my stories to my family and friends, and more importantly document them so I can look back one day.

How did I start Solopassport?

One day I was visiting my best friend Akshata at her place, and I was upset over something (not sure what). She was behaving like any best friend would do – lecturing me. And one specific thing she said and it was for me to do something impactful – like volunteering or sharing my thoughts through a blog. That’s when I decided to start a blog.

Why the name Solopassport?

I did not give it a lot of thinking. The name had to relate to me. I was travelling solo and I was travelling overseas a lot. So, Solopassport hit the nail. My Tagline should have been ‘a passport that travels alone.’