06 – My blog goals for the next year

The next topic on the 30 days blog challenge is about my blog goals for the next year. Firstly, it was Solopassport’s 4th year anniversary, day before yesterday on the 4th June. It has been 4 years of telling my stories and it has been a great journey. Sometimes I am known by Solopassport which is a great feeling.

Solopassport is very personal to me and the idea for me has been very simple – to share as much information as possible about my travels and write about my stories. It has been a platform to just pen down about what I want to write. It has never been used for earning money in anyway.

I have been approached for collabs and advertisements by different travel groups and agencies over time. But I have never felt it right to share my baby – Solopassport with others. I am very attached to it and I want it that way, at least for now. Having said that I do admire bloggers who make money from their blogs.

Honestly speaking, when I read about this topic, I did not have any goals set. I struggled to think through this topic. I gave it a lot of thought and these are the things I would love to achieve over the next year:

  • Write few blogs with greater than 3000 words.
  • Increase my viewership.
  • Write an article for any magazine.
  • Write at least 1 post per day to build up my content.
  • Write an e-book.

Hopefully I achieve some of these by next year – 4 June 2020. ๐Ÿ™‚

What are your goals? I would love to hear what you have in mind for your blog – do share your thoughts in the comments below.


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