My zodiac sign

Next on the topic is to write about my zodiac sign and describe if the characteristics match my personality or not.

I am a July baby, which makes me a Cancerian. Cancerians are ruled by water and moon and is the fourth sign in the zodiac. The sign is represented by crab. Some of the Cancerian traits are:

  • Quiet & prefer non-verbal communication  – I am not sure if I am a quiet person 😀 . In fact I am known for a person who talks a lot. And I believe in expressing everything. So this trait is definitely not me.
  • Temper – We are known for our bad temper. And this definitely matches my personality. I have a short temper. Having said that, the temper goes down at the same pace as the way it shoots up.
  • Doesn’t break promises – This is very true for me. If I make a promise, I try as much as possible to keep up to it.
  • When stressed, a Cancer needs time alone – Yes and yes! Cancerians are known to go into their shell when they need alone time. When I am stressed, I prefer to be alone and not with anyone. I have to think alone and I come out of it alone. I am very independent in getting out of stress.
  • Overemotional & touchy – This is something I dislike about myself. I am driven by emotions, there is nothing called practicality. And this more often gets me into trouble. They also say that a Cancerian feels the same emotion as anyone feels but only 20 times deeper.
  • Life revolves around family – Family definitely comes first. There is nothing that can replace that. Everything I do and everything I think is always around my family members.

Cancerians are much more than just the traits mentioned above. And I did not want to list each and everything about the zodiac 😀 . In a nutshell, for Cancerians, it is all about emotions and family. And so am I.