10 – My favourite country

My favourite country? Out of all the 28 countries I have traveled so far, it is difficult to choose just one. I have liked different things in different countries. But I will still attempt this topic.

I actually have 2 favourites. First one on the list is a country that is very close to Australia – New Zealand. I traveled to NZ for the first time in the year 2014 and I fell in love with it. The landscapes are just too unreal and spectacular to not like it. I have been to this country every year at least once from 2014 and I have traveled to different parts of the country. Every landscape has one thing in common – it is just amazing!

Second on my list is Norway. The landscape is very similar to NZ. But this is in the Northern Hemisphere. The landscapes are very pure and untouched. And the people are amazing – very friendly and very beautiful.

Both these countries have glaciers, mountains and fjords. Just so so pretty and I recommend any traveler to visit these beautiful countries.


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