Yes, I have heard some ridiculous stuff about my travels and pictures. And surprisingly I have heard these by some of the people whom I had assumed to be my friends. This is the topic for today and these are some of the funny things I have heard:

The most common question which every traveler gets asked ‘where do you get the money from?‘ I find this extremely funny. I used to answer this legit in the beginning, but later changed it to saying that I have a money plant in my backyard. Okay, I can give some benefit of doubt to these people as people may be genuinely wanting to know how I manage my finances.

The next one is ‘you are so lucky that you travel to all these destinations!‘ There goes my planning, saving and booking into the garbage.

This one is the most bizarre one. One of the guys I knew and was part of a group asked me why Solopassport insta account was public. He lectured me saying that I can change it to private and why do I need to share my travel stories or pictures with anyone. I no longer know this guy!

One of my acquaintances had an insta account with the name starting with ‘whereis<name of the person>‘. The same person who had asked me to change Solopassport to private account, made a ridiculous comment about this insta handle saying nobody wanted to know where this person was and why was that person’s handle called whereis<name>. Again, I no longer know this person.

I had posted a picture of me on Facebook where I was posing with a huge ice cream bowl and I had written a caption – kid is happy. To this one of my schoolmates commented that you are not a kid, your age is to have a kid. And it’s difficult to have kids after 30. My question to him was how do you know I want kids? Even better how did you guess I liked kids!

One more common question, how can you travel with your friends and family and tell you are a solo traveler? This is one of the weird questions. Just because I love solo travelling and call myself solo traveler, doesn’t mean that I am anti social and can never travel with my friends or family.

And the list goes on and on…

At that moment, I might have been furious but now they make me laugh.

Heya! Would love to hear your thoughts, leave them below!

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