15 – Why do we judge so much?

This was not in the list of topics to write. But I wanted to write. I have been reading so many articles, posts and statuses about these and it made me wonder why do we judge others so much? Why do we have to come to conclusions all the time? Why can’t we accept that everyone have their own way of living and rights?

Someone takes lot of pictures? We judge saying that the person is not living in the moment. How can we be sure that the person is not living in the moment?

Someone is always on their mobile? We judge saying that person cannot have real conversations. How do you know that the person is not talking or connecting with their loved ones on social medias?

Someone wears bikinis and takes pictures? We judge saying that person is doing it for lot of followers. I saw a disgusting comment the other day from a fellow traveler stating girls wear skimpy clothes and take pictures. I would like to tell the person who commented – ‘Dear darling, Each person has their own right to wear what they want and how they take pictures. Stop objectifying others for what they wear and grow up!’

Someone shops a lot on their travels? We judge saying that the person is a useless traveler and hoards unnecessary things.

Someone backpacks? We judge saying the person doesn’t have any money. Some people love backpacking so stop assuming things.

Someone has a strategy to increase their followers count on insta? We judge saying that it is an incorrect way of increasing the count. Everyone has a strategy these days, some take the easy way and some hard way – it’s up to everyone’s decision- who are we to say anything about others?

Someone travels solo? We judge saying the person is lonely. I have been personally judged on this. Just to note that solo and lonely are not synonyms.

Someone does anything? We judge.

Someone says anything? We judge. And we judge.

Why can’t we just live our lives? Why does our posts, articles and statuses have to be about others and opinions on others? Have we not heard the saying ‘Live and let live’? The recent posts are making me sick and I feel social media has now suddenly become so negative and opinionated about everything that others do or say.


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