17 – Wisdom words that talk to me

Today’s topic is about the wisdom words that talk to me. There are many mentors I have had throughout my life and I am thankful to each one of them who have helped me become what I am today. And I am aware that life is a constant learning and wisdom is something you gather as you pass each day everyday. But these are the below words that I constantly remind myself everyday:

1. Be truthful to your work. You need to give equal (if not more) to the work which is earning your bread and butter.

2. Don’t wish bad for others. I strongly believe ‘if you cannot do anything good, then don’t do anything at all and if you cannot say anything good, then don’t say anything at all.

3. Love your family and friends. Very important lesson for me, you never know when you are going to lose it so always respect and cherish whom you love.

4. No matter what you feel, always get up, dress up and show up. This is the reason why I never cancel a plan once I have committed. And I dislike people who cancel their plans when they have committed.

5. Donate. I believe in giving a part of my earnings every now and then to the needy. Be it animal welfare organisations or the homeless people on the streets, I do my bit.

6. Exercise. I have to keep my regular exercises active every week, else I can notice my body become lazy and unhealthy.

So these are the things I remind myself everyday. What are some of your wisdom words that you talk to yourself? Have you given it a thought?

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  1. Miriam says:

    Such very wise and beautiful words

    1. Raksha Nagaraj says:

      Thank you 😊

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