18 – I am a feminist!

The next topic is what I believe in. I proudly call myself a feminist and I strongly believe in having a world that is equal for women.

So, who is a feminist? The dictionary meaning of feminism is ‘the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of the equality of sexes‘. And a feminist is a person who practices feminism.

People often use feminist word as an abuse to insult someone who strongly questions the societal norms against women. And I have nothing but sympathy towards these people.

In today’s post I want to write down few of the small yet disturbing fights one has to go through in the name of feminism. Note the only reason they are small because the words from the people who have said them have no importance in any way.

Once one of my cousin’s uneducated friend called me a feminist to insult me. This was related to a post that was written by my cousin asking why in India that only a girl and her family is expected to host the guy’s family during the marriage alliance and serve coffee/tea. To which this friend commented that the girls who were supporting her (including her and me) were all feminists who did not respect the culture. And then words of war began. I am a pretty sane person in that regard, I don’t engage with anyone whom I do not know on social media, but that day I couldn’t stop. And this got me wondering as to how some people turn their blind eye and still live in their bubble of nonsensical ideologies.

Today, I received a direct message from a guy in Bangalore telling me how he wanted to move abroad as that has been his dream. What got me interested in this message were his assumptions. He assumed that I was married and had moved abroad on my husband’s basis. ‘Of course girls do not have the capability to move abroad on their skills and talent’. And the next assumption was that I was not working at all. ‘Obviously we girls are meant to be taking money from either our fathers or husbands’.

I had once been told I am not a family person. The reason being I party late nights and I am an outgoing person. ‘A girl is someone who does not like to party and who is not outgoing’.

There are many conversations I have had with people, where I have been asked what is the best dish I cook and when I can I get it for them to taste. It’s the stereotypical image about a girl. ‘Girl and cooking go hand in hand’. It’s difficult for people to understand when I say I do not like to cook.

On a daily basis it is common to hear, ‘be like a girl’ or ‘this is not a guy’s job’ or ‘the kitchen is where a girl belongs’.

And the list is long!

It doesn’t have to be only in India. Be it anywhere in the world, we face such issues. In some parts of the world, it may be in a subtle manner – but we face it.

I know bringing equality is a long battle and I am ready to fight it each day every day. I would also like to acknowledge and appreciate all the strong women who are standing strong against the odds and fighting their own battles in the name of equality.

Heya! Would love to hear your thoughts, leave them below!

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