19 – What’s my immediate goal?

Today’s topic is about my immediate goal. Well it is related to fitness. In August, I am thinking of attempting Oxfam 50K for the first time. Oxfam 50K Trailwalker is a trail where one walks for 50 kilometres in a stretch. Yes, you heard it right! This means no sleeping before completing 50 kilometres. There is another Trailwalker for 100 kilometres as well which people attempt and complete. But since this is my first time, I am happy for 50 kilometres.

This is going to be challenging because I just have only 1.5 months left to train and I have never done more than 30 kilometres in a stretch. Whatever challenges there maybe, I need to attempt it and I need to keep going at it!

So what are you short term goals? Are there any?

Heya! Would love to hear your thoughts, leave them below!

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