21 – My best friend

The next topic is to talk about my best friend. I have many best friends honestly. I have been lucky to have some good people around me and people whom I call best friends. But in this post, I will talk about my best friend who has been friends with me for a very long time, who has tolerated me for years, who has seen my ups and downs and who has always heard all my nonsensical stories.

This best friend of mine is not at all like me, she is way different to what and how I am. I don’t even know how we become such good friends. I probably think we did not like each other in the beginning which was many years ago (could be a decade ago). So, my best friend is my long-term friend Akshata. I have laid down few of our personalities and to show how different we are.


Even though there are so many differences, I am glad I have her in my life. She has supported me in many ways and we have held each other and have come a long way. We do not speak to each other for days. We fight many times. But we know that we are there for each other.

I would take this opportunity to thank her for being herself and being there for me.

Heya! Would love to hear your thoughts, leave them below!

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