22 – My pack

Apologies for not posting this blog yesterday. I was outdoors the entire day so did not get a chance to post it.

Anyway yesterday’s topic was about who all are in my pack. I have interpreted it in line with the previous topic – friends. My pack consists of very few people. I am a person who filters people and I remove all of them whom I think cannot be part of my core group. My core group consists of the below people and I only hang out with these on a regular basis.

1. Vijay – my partner in crime and who is always standing by me.

2. Saira – we have been friends for many years now and we have seen each other go through ups and downs and changes in life.

3. Som – A kid in the group 😀. Has been one of the best people I have known.

4. Adarsh – Dumma as I call him, is always ready to help.

5. Priya – Quiet generally but has great comebacks.

So this is my pack. What’s yours?