23 – Timeline

Today’s topic is how my day would look on my timeline if I documented every single routine of mine.

Anyway if I had posted my daily routine, then this is how my timeline would look like:

  • My day does not start without coffee. Coffee is a must to kick start day.
  • I never liked buses before but from new abode office is just 15 minutes bus ride. So liking it so far.
  • I do not get out of office much except for one walk during lunch, this is to get some fresh air and talk to my mother.
  • My evenings are generally busy. My catch up with friends, movies or my weekly routine walks all happen in the evenings.
  • I watch Netflix for sometime and then my day finishes.
  • My day looks same everyday and mostly consists of few components – coffee, journey, work, mother, friends and walk. Only over the weekends, my day is different, I do a lot more things than these.

    Heya! Would love to hear your thoughts, leave them below!

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