24 – Dream job

Today’s topic is about my dream job. While growing up like any other confused teenager, I wanted to be many things. One of the things I wanted to do was to study marine life. I did not know how to swim, so I did not pursue this career option much. It’s not like I had a choice back then.

My dream and ideal job would be to become a marine researcher. I would love to have a career that has something to do ocean or the marine life in the ocean. I love everything – sharks, whales, dolphins, reefs, rays, nemos (I know they are the clown fishes) and other marine life.

I really wish I had pursued what I wanted to become and maybe things would have been different. Maybe I would have written my stories about ocean and the life in it on a regular basis.

I know it’s never too late and that I should maybe think of switching my career to become a marine researcher. But as and when you get older, things become difficult with every aspect.

What is your ideal job? Have you ever thought about it?