As part of today’s topic, I am supposed to share one of the dreams I have had. I have many dreams and I have nightmares too. But some of the dreams are just weird, random and funny. I can share one such funny dream which I had about my ex-colleague’s cat called Harley.

To give you a bit of background and context to the connection I had with Harley is that I had met and cuddled Harley only once. Even though I always asked my colleague about Harley at work. And when my colleague used to be at work, Harley used to be out on the streets, even though it did have a cat door into the house.

Anyway, the dream was that there was Harley and there was a giraffe. Harley somehow had managed to get on top of the giraffe’s head. My colleague and I are trying to get Harley down using a table, so we can reach the height at which Harley is. And all Harley is saying to us is of course a ‘meow’. I don’t know why I had this dream and what it meant. But I did dream of Harley. I dream a lot about animals, maybe because I love them.

So what kind of dreams do you have? Funny weird ones? Do you have repetitive dreams? Do let me know 😀.


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