Today’s topic is to write about that one cartoon character that I think is very similar to me. Before I choose one that relates, I would like to say all the Disney princess characters are great. I love each one of them but not even one of them is me. They are beautiful and they can sing. They make animals talk and they are damsel in distress. They are always perfect and so sanskaari (perfect by societal norms). And I don’t belong to that group.

The only cartoon character which I have always related to is Garfield.

Let me explain below as to why I feel I am similar to Garfield.

  • Garfield is lazy – Yes, I am lazy in many things.
  • Garfield is fat – Yup, no arguments there.
  • Garfield is cynical – Sometimes yes.
  • Garfield loves lasagna – I love lasagna and I can eat lasagna (veg or chicken) all day everyday.
  • Garfield hates Mondays – A definite yes.
  • Garfield loves sleeping – I love sleeping too but it’s just that I don’t sleep much.
  • Garfield frequently gets into many adventures – Me too, the only difference is I pay for my adventures.
  • Garfield is orange – I know I am not! Maybe the only difference.

I feel Garfield and I have lots of similarities and he portrays my character very well. Have you ever thought which cartoon character resembles you?

Heya! Would love to hear your thoughts, leave them below!

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