29 – 3 words that describe me

Today’s topic to write about the three words that describe me best. This is hard and I had to give this a lot of thought. I am much more than the below three words but these three do sum me up pretty well.

The first word that describes me is ‘Emotional‘. I am a very emotional person. My life is run by emotions. If a person has an high EQ – then definitely that person stays in my life 😀 .

The second word that describes me is ‘Traveler‘. Everyone knows how much I love travel. And my world revolves around traveling.

The third word that describes me is ‘Independent‘. I really wish that this word does relate to me as I do want to be independent.

What are those three words that describe you?


3 thoughts on “29 – 3 words that describe me”

    1. Raksha Nagaraj

      Being passionate is awesome. Only sometimes I lack that quality and motivation. But its okay, I keep up the other times.

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