Whale watching scenic flight

Since it is whale watching season, I thought may be it is time for me to post about watching the whales from a flight. I have always watched these beautiful gentle giants from a lookout point or from a boat. I had never even thought of seeing them from up in the air. While my visit to Kaikoura in New Zealand, I researched on the things to do and one of the things that came up was taking a scenic flight to go watch the whales. I was super excited when I read this, I couldn’t even have visualised as to how these creatures would look like from up above. It was beyond my happiness.

Tour details



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Type of whale & our experience

My friends and I took the scenic flight while we were there and we saw a sperm whale. It was breathtakingly beautiful. We also saw some dolphins swimming around. It was a pretty cool experience. If you are in Kaikoura, then do not miss this tour.