Brunei is not so popular among the tourists. I was skeptical about food. I was not sure what kind of food it offered.

But.. I was very surprised to find so many Indian restaurants and I was even more surprised to find out that locals love Indian food, especially Dosa.

I tried two Indian restaurants and both times the food was delicious. It had many vegetarian options as well.

The first one was a restaurant called Tandoor. It is at walkable distance from the Mall Gadong. The food is a little pricey but it is tasty. And the staff were very friendly. The cost was around Brunei $50 for two people.

The second one is a restaurant called Maharani. It is a little far from the city but the prices are very reasonable. It has a dhaba kind of ambience and the food is fresh. The cook is from Calcutta. One dish to try is their Malai Kebab if you love chicken. The cost was around Brunei $24 for two people.

And I was told by the locals that there are many more Indian restaurants around the city and most of them are very good.

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