Scuba diving in Netrani Island (Karnataka, India)

Where is Netrani Island?

Netrani Island is a small island, off the coast of the main land from Murdeshwara. The island is about 20 kilometres, a short boat trip from the main land. It is home to coral reef and is a popular diving site in Karnataka state. It is said that the visibility is around 15 to 20 metres range.

Murdeshwara is a town on the west coast in the Karnataka state. The town is famous for the World’s second largest Shiva statue. It is around 490 kilometres from Bangalore. There are regular trains and buses between Bangalore and Murdeshwara.

My dive at Netrani Island

I do not remember much from this dive that I had done many years ago. This was my first scuba diving experience. I was not at all confident in water back then. I was one of those people who had done this dive just to tick off a bucket list item. Hence, I do not remember seeing any fish while diving or snorkelling.

But I do remember few things from this dive –

  • This dive was a boat dive.
  • All the divers were divided into two groups – while the first group dived, the second group snorkelled and vice versa on the second half of the day.
  • There was one dedicated diving instructor with two people.
  • We had spotted a dolphin on the way back to the mainland after the dive.
  • The ocean was very rough that I had fallen sick while returning.

I do hope to go back and dive again in this site, just to relive my memories from my previous dive trip.

Provider details

  • Dive centre: Netrani Adventures
  • Cost: Rs 3500 per person (This was the cost many years ago, do ensure to check on their websites for up-to-date prices and information).


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