Yes, the title of this blog is true. It’s okay to not take any step the first time. I have planned for a sabbatical/career break many a times. In 2018, my friend Akshata and I had decided to take 6 months break from work and travel the world. We had planned all the places we wanted to visit and also had thought about all the odd jobs we would do during these travels. I had written a blog about this break as well.

But.. this did not happen. There were many factors because of which this did not happen. The common factor was the fear and money. Fear of losing the place in the career race. Fear of taking the risk.

This time I decided to take this step. I wanted to experience the nomadic life – I mean the true nomadic life and not with a full time job. I know like everything else, there would be ups and downs, there would be happy and dull moments. I am ready and I am fine with this risk. So wish me luck and safe travels 🙂 .



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