Funding my career break

When I started my planning for this 5 to 6 months career break, the biggest hurdle was the obvious one – how do I get money to sustain my bills and mortgages while I am travelling. It took me 7 months to figure out a solution for determining how I would be funding my career break.

I had very minimal savings as I have always earned my money to travel. So, the biggest challenge was to change my mindset into saving, which I did not succeed much. I did travel while I was planning this, but I did not do too many overseas travel like how I generally do.

Just few things to note before I proceed further, I am not sponsored by anyone. I have really worked hard and earned my break. Yes, my mother is funding for a bit of my travel. And I do not make a single penny with my blog or social medias. As of now, #Solopassport is my baby and its personal and that’s how I want to keep it as of now.

The first thing I figured out was how much money do I need to take a break from work. If have planned it right, then I do have sufficient money to pay my bills and mortgages when I am away traveling. And hey! If things don’t work out, I can always get back to the 9 to 5 work earlier than the 4 planned months of break. There is always a backup.

So, lets bring it on!

These are the few steps that I took in order to fund my career break:

  1. Planned my destinations and started booking – Let me be honest, I did not plan every day of my break. I planned only my major trips (like Maldives, Bhutan, and long hikes). I started booking the flights and accommodations while I was earning. And this way most of my major expenses were taken care of.
  2. Saved a bit as additional tax – I will not lie here – I cannot save. I have tried over the years and I am not a person who saves. Before any assumptions, let me tell you I have failed over and over again trying to do this. So, after one of my friends suggested, I decided to go with this approach as this money is completely inaccessible. I saved a bit of my salary as additional tax and I paid a little extra money towards the tax, which I can claim at the end of the financial year. And the additional tax is paid back as a huge amount, that straight went to my break fund.
  3. Gifts as flight tickets/activities – I asked my family and friends to gift me flight vouchers or flight tickets for my birthday. My biggest contributor is my mother, who paid for few of my flight tickets.
  4. Worked out how much I needed – I had calculated and worked out how much money I needed. I exactly knew how much money I needed to pay my mortgages and bills for that entire 4-5 months. I calculated every single expense and I knew exactly how much money I needed.
  5. Flights booking – I pre-booked my flight tickets. And to get cheaper tickets, I traveled over the weekdays rather than weekends.
  6. Frequent flyer points – I used my frequent flyer points. I actually got a flight from Amsterdam to Bucharest for 20,000 Qantas points + AUD 76.
  7. Stays – I am staying at hostels, homestays and cheaper accommodation options rather than expensive and luxury resorts, except in Maldives. I also have a Club Mahindra membership which I would be using to stay at certain places.
  8. Groupon website – I frequently visited Groupon website in order to get some deals on the things to do and the stays.

I have done as much as possible for funding my career break. But things change when one is in the situation and I know there would be unexpected costs and expenses. I am also aware of the consequences but as I said earlier, life is too short and I do not want to spend it with regrets.



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  1. This is lovely and useful! So nice that your mum supports you! It means a lot to us women to have someone so close. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing and good luck! ❤ i o a n a

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