Before going further into my story – let me tell you, this trip did not happen. I did not go on this tour because it was cancelled. The weather in Sydney has been bad with strong winds so this trip did not happen.

One of the things that I wanted to do before leaving Sydney was to go watch the humpback whales again. The whale season officially ends by November and I wanted to see this season’s whales once again one last time before the next year. If I did not see now before heading away from Sydney meant a one year wait. BTW I did go see them once this year and it was a very emotional trip for me.

I had booked the same tour as the last one – Go Whale Watching. I had bought their vouchers through Groupon website and it had costed me AUD 39 per person. The tour was for 2.5 hours (1:30 PM to 4 PM). But one night before the whale watching tour, I received an email from the tour company.


It was the same email that I had received few days ago when I had attempted this Take 2 once before. Even that tour had not happened and I had rebooked it for 17 September which is not happening as well.

I am so disappointed currently that this is not happening. I know things happen and these are part of travel. But I really wanted to see them before I left Sydney, which is not going to happen now. Oh well, I guess I have no choice other than to wait for these beautiful creatures to come next year.

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