Storage in Don Mueang (Bangkok airport)

One of the biggest problems while travelling alone is managing suitcases. They are heavy and not very easy to manage. I had the same problem when I was in Bangkok at the Don Mueang International airport.

After asking around and searching for quite some time, I found a place on level 2 where one can store the luggage for Thai Bhat 75 for 24 hours. It is an easy process. The place is called Left Baggage and the guy scans the bag, places a tag and provides a receipt. The payment needs to be made while collecting the bag. Note: The payment needs to be in cash.

This was such a blessing for me as I wanted to explore the city a bit during my transit hours in Bangkok.

This is Left Baggage
This is the corridor that leads to the Left Baggage store
This is level 2

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