5 cool museums in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has plenty of museums and they cater for everyone. To be precise, there are around 75 museums in Amsterdam. They have unique museums like museum of torture and museum of bags. Since I was here only for 4 days, I could not visit every single museum but I did visit four of the museums in the list below.

Note: Ensure to book your tickets online and well in advance.

Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum is an art museum dedicated to the works of the famous Vincent Van Gogh.

The tickets cost Euros 19 per adult and they can be booked on their website.

Unfortunately, I could not visit this museum as I did not get the tickets but everyone I met said that this museum was the best.


The biggest Dutch museum in Amsterdam dedicated to art and history of the city.

The tickets cost Euros 19 per adult and they can be booked on their website.

Anne Frank museum

The hiding place of Anne Frank during the Nazis attack has been converted into a museum, dedicated to Anne Frank. That house/hiding place is at Prinsengracht 263.

The tickets cost Euros 10.50 per adult and they can be booked on their website.

This was a very touchy and emotional museum and it showed how Anne Frank and 7 others went into hiding in a building. Her thoughts expressed and written all over were extremely strong.

Cannabis museum

A very cool museum to understand all about Cannabis, in other words Marijuana. Cannabis is a psychoactive drug made from the plant of Cannabis. They are sold everywhere in cafes and supermarkets around Amsterdam.

The tickets cost Euros 10 per adult and they can be bought at the counter.

This was a very interesting visit. One thing I learned was that ‘Bhang’, a drink served on Holi festival in India, is made from Cannabis. And Lord Shiva has a great relation with Cannabis and the story is related to the Samudra Manthan. This was an awesome story to know.

Museum of Prostitution

Yes, you heard it right. There is a museum of prostitution in Red Light District.

The tickets cost Euros 12.5 per adult and they can be booked on their website.

It was very interesting and yet disturbing to read about these girls who were forced into prostitution. Even knowing the facts about prostitution and what they go through made me appreciate them even more than what I used to before.

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