Water bungalow in Maldives

From the time I had planned for Maldives (which was about 9 months ago), I wanted to stay at a water bungalow. And everyone knows that staying at a water bungalow in Maldives is super expensive. It costs generally around AUD 800 to AUD 4000 per night.

Being a solo traveler, staying at a water bungalow was something which was way beyond my budget. I kept looking for cheap options, every day. Booking.com and Google were my only bet at that moment. I also spoke to many fellow travelers who had traveled recently. But it was all in vain and the answer was same – it is expensive.

Until one night, as a routine I was checking for options and I decided to search on Make my trip. I searched for 2 nights and Make my trip displayed me few results. I brainstormed different ideas (wearing my business analyst cap on 😀 ) and concluded that I had to book the first night at a standard room and the second night at the water bungalow in the same resort.

I finalised on the Ellaidhoo resort by Cinamon in North Ari Atoll. I wouldn’t still call it cheap but it was something in my budget. I am staying here for two nights – one night at a Standard room and the other night at the water bunglow.

The water bungalow including breakfast and lunch is costing INR 22352 (AUD 447) per night. I know it is a lot of money for a single solo traveler. But hey! I am going to Maldives and I am not going to miss an experience of staying at a water bungalow 🙂 . Note: I do have to pay an additional Rs 13500 per night (even for the standard room) as part of the resort tax.


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