The water in Maldives is absolutely divine. It is warm and clear. And a perfect condition to have a relaxed dive. The last three dives of mine (Rottnest Island and Sesimbra) had taken a toll on me. I had thought I would never come out of the anxiety or panic I had during those dives. But after diving here in House Reef (Ellaidhoo, Maldives) I realised that my body is not made for cold water. I do not enjoy the cold and hence I had panicked. The dive in House Reef was absolutely fine and I had no problems whatsoever with my dive.


The marine life is abundance here and I saw so many corals and fishes. The corals have formed a wall and there are all kinds, shapes and colours of corals.

The main highlight of this dive were the sharks. I saw four sharks – 3 Grey Reef Sharks and 1 White-tip Reef Shark. Absolutely exciting experience.

Operator details:

  • The only scuba diving operator on the Ellaidhoo resort is Dive and Sail.
  • Dive Cost: USD 54
  • Equipment cost: USD 16



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